If you have a business, you likely have some kind of social media page. And if you don’t (and you really should), then you are missing out on a brilliant marketing opportunity. Its no secret that getting your name out there brings in more customers. In fact, 90% of marketers claim that spending just 6 hours a week has generated more business for their company and more visits on their website. That’s just one of the many benefits social media has to offer.

Increase Website Traffic

With social media, you can give your customers a reason to visit your website by sharing links to your blogs and other activities and driving more traffic towards your website. This is a key way to grow your business as just spending a few hours a week can greatly raise brand awareness.

Raise brand awareness

Social media can give you and your brand the exposure it needs. With more people “liking” and “sharing” or simply interacting with your posts, you can attract more potential customers, building brand awareness and generating more business for your company.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Creating a social media account is important in humanising your company. By reading and replying to customer comments, you can build relationships with them. Also, customers will appreciate knowing that they are talking to a real person and not getting automated responses. Building this kind of relationship with customers will keep them loyal and satisfied, making them more likely to recommend your business to a friend.

Cost effective

Social media marketing is cheap! Creating an account for most social media platforms is free. You only pay for the posts you would like to promote. It is the most cost effective online marketing strategy and by spending a small amount of money, you can reach thousands of potential customers.

The benefits of social media for your business is undeniable. you can reach thousands of potential customers, boost your brand awareness, keep your customers satisfied and loyal and on top of all that it’s cost effective. So if you haven’t got any social media accounts for your business – whatever the reason, we can help. Garvey’s IT services can help you set up and manage your social media for just £1 per day so you can focus on other business. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you set up and maintain your social media