To all of us working in world of the Web, it goes without saying that content is the most important part of a website. However, as a business, do you know this? If you don’t, then you really aren’t alone. You’ve got your business to build, your product to show to the world, your planning for the future of your Company, so how often are you reviewing your website content? Are you keeping it up to date as your product and Company grows, or is it now reading a little old and out-dated?


It’s a common trap that many business owners fall into – you create your business and you get an all informative and attractive website made to advertise your product. The website runs well, attracts you some customers and doesn’t cause you any issues, so therefore you don’t see the need to change it- if it’s not broke then don’t fix it, right? Wrong! Just because your website hasn’t had any technical errors lately, doesn’t mean that it is selling you as well as it could and should be.


Your website doesn’t only allow you to provide all your business and product information to your customers, it also gives you the opportunity to reach as many customers as you want through the use of keywords, internal links and calls to action. To make your website work the most for your Company, your website content and SEO really are something that you should be giving continuous focus to, especially each time you introduce a new product, branch out to a new area or just change any small part of your business.


As a business specialising in website design and IT support, we understand that there really is much more to creating a successful website than appearance. Yes, an attractive website will engage people – for so long – but ultimately, your content is what sells you as a business, which is why it is so important to keep reviewing and amending where necessary.


As well as updating your site with new keywords each time you get a new product, or your business branches off in another direction, make sure your website is keeping up to date with your customers’ wants and needs. The online world is fast-paced and ever-changing, and to keep your Company successful it is vital you do not get left behind. Remember when you first started out and you did that huge market research project? Well, do it again! Often, business owners will do a great job with market research in the beginning, but then, well, that’s it. They won’t go back to it, won’t review it, won’t start again, and this is where some go wrong. To keep your business successful and to keep your product selling, get to know your target audience and customers all over again. Do you know what your target audience looks like now? Can you recognise their buyer preferences and trends? Do you know what they want from your website, your company and your product? And do you know how to fully engage them instead of causing them to click that back button and visit a competitor’s site? Keeping up with your ever-changing potential customers is vital to your website’s, and therefore businesses success.


As well as the above, reviewing your current content often is a good thing too. Have you analysed its performance recently? Do you have ways and means of knowing if it is performing well? If not, then we strongly suggest you implement some of these. Tracking the number of customers your website is getting you gives you a very clear idea of whether or not the site is actually working to sell your product as it should be. So, pull those weekly reports, make some tweaks where needed, and watch your customer base expand.


Lastly, we just want to draw your attention to the social side. Is your website linked up with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts? Do you even use these social accounts regularly? So much advertising is done and so many potential customers are now found through social media, that you really do need to keep on top of your businesses social side. Updating accounts often with news, new products, expansions to your business, makes it easy for your customers – and potential customers – to keep up to date with you and also see what you can offer them. Even better, you can even link your social accounts to your website, meaning customers visiting your site can see your latest social posts, allowing them to see what is currently going on in your world, and also showing them that you are an active, dedicated and engaging Company.


So, when working on your web content, before telling yourself that it is effective and complete (for now), ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my content interesting and engaging?
  • As an outsider, would the content attract me personally?
  • Have I filled my content with enough keywords to allow search engines to find my site easily?
  • Is my content up to date and fully informative about my business right now?
  • Does my content meet my customers’ wants and needs?
  • Does my content stand out against that of my competitors?


We know reviewing and updating web content can be time consuming and sometimes just something you can’t find the time for in the busy world of business, but trust us, it really is worth doing. So, if you find yourself struggling to keep up with your website design and content, then get in touch today. We offer bespoke web design and IT support services throughout the North East.