The short answer for this is yes. Yes, it should be. Business blogging is such an effective marketing tactic that drives more business to your website than you would likely think it would. When creating a website for your business, you really should consider putting a blog on there, which you can update on a regular basis. If you use a Web Design/IT Support Company to create a site for you, then you will find that they will more than likely ask you if you want a blog page included. You really should say yes!


Blogging can work in similar ways to website content – you can fill your blog posts with SEO suited to your business, allowing potential customers to find you through a simple Internet search. When you write the content for your website, you usually keep it as it is for a while. You might update it with new products or add to your T&C’s page every now and then, but let’s be honest, content usually does stay as it is for a while. This means that you aren’t getting to input more SEO words, which allow search engines to find you easier. However, each blog post is another indexed page for your site, filled with keywords that will lead search engines right to you.


Many businesses will also post their blog posts to their Social Media pages, this means that not only are their followers seeing this content, but each time the post is shared on a Social Media platform by one of these followers, hundreds more people are seeing this. This really is an effective way to promote your business online and get your product out there for the world to see. Another huge benefit here is that your blog posts help keep your social accounts active and busy – we all know at times finding new content to post on our social sites can be difficult, well, let your blog posts serve as your social posts too!


Your blog also provides a space for your business to log its own story, its progress, its information, and anything else you think your customers might like or want to know about you. Especially for those new businesses, your blog acts as a space for you to introduce yourself – let your potential clients know who you are, what you can offer them, why they should choose you, what your values are as a business and what makes you stand out from the rest. Each time your business progresses or introduces a new product or service you can add this to your blog, keeping your customers up to date with what is going on with you really does make them feel valued. If your business does any charity work or supports projects in the local community, then your blog is the perfect place to document this. It really is a blank canvas for you to fill with what you see fit.


At Garvey’s IT, our experienced and successful Web Design Team fully understand the benefits of adding a blog in to your business’s website. So, if you are looking for IT Support in the North East or Web Design worldwide, then you really should give us a call. We provide quality services at realistic and affordable prices. And what’s more, our team know that each business website is its own personal space, which is why we work hard to ensure each one of our clients receives a service tailored to their own individual wants and needs.