Lets talk about Data Back-ups. What is it? and why should you do it?

Firstly, data backups create copies of files from a device such as a computer/laptop or phone and stores that data somewhere safe. There are many reasons why backing up data is important, especially for businesses. Lets go over a few.

Protection from hackers

Cases of malware, ransomware and other virus attacks on businesses have increased over the years. As a result, businesses need to protect their valuable data from hackers and other external threats by backing it up. Its a good idea to backup data regularly and off-site as there are also internal threats to your data. which brings us onto our next reason.

Fires and other disasters

Unfortunately, disasters can occur and destroy buildings where data is being stored. Which is why most companies backup data off-site or onto the cloud. The cloud is basically an internet server which someone can access with any device with an internet connection. Meaning, if a computer breaks down, then the files on it will not be lost and can still be accessed from another device.

Hardware Failures

Another reason why data should be backed up regularly is because Hardware is often lost, stolen or broken. For example, laptops, along with all its data, are very prone to being lost or stolen. And hard disks could fail, corrupting stored files.

So I hope you’ve backed up your data recently. And if not, Garvey’s IT Services can help. We can back up your data safely and securely on our servers so you can rest easy knowing your important files are safe and sound. So get in touch Via our website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and find out how we can protect your data.

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