WordPress? We all love it, don’t we? Or at least most of us do! Even in 2019 WordPress remains the most popular platform for websites, with its variety of options and helpful, simplistic tools to improve functionality. Even better, it can be used for free and the internet is full of helpful tutorials and blogs to help users get the most out of their WordPress website or blog. So, you ask, why is it still so popular in 2019 when there is a whole world of other similar providers out there? Well, let us tell you…

First up, it’s simple. This means it is user friendly for those who lack in website development experience and knowledge. Anyone can literally get a WordPress site up and running in just a couple of hours; just sort your web hosting, register your domain name and install WordPress in your hosting accounts control panel. Simple! WordPress offers a huge number of different themes and customisation options, so you really can get your site looking exactly how you want it without the knowledge of coding. Not only can you pick from numerous themes but you can personalise fonts, colours and layouts, all with simple clicks of your mouse, no complex codes!

It’s diverse. Some providers focus on eCommerce websites or merely blog websites, whereas WordPress is adaptable to all businesses, ranging from online stores to estate agencies, there are no limitations to the businesses it can be used for. With it’s genius plugins you can add specific features to your website, allowing it do exactly what you want it to.

It provides its own web hosting package. This means that the website is better supported, plus it will load quicker, manage traffic easier, prevent downtime issues and make the site less vulnerable to any hackers out there! There aren’t many other platforms out there who offer their own hosting services, so this puts WordPress up at the top again. For anyone who wants their website to do well, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is HUGE! And one of the great things about WordPress is that it is SEO friendly, with its built-in features and SEO plugins, it really does support your business’ SEO strategy.

WordPress has almost 55,000 FREE plugins. Yep, 55,000. This means that you can add every feature you could possibly want from your website to its dashboard – security, marketing, sales, eCommerce, analytics and so so much more! WordPress totally tops the market here, as no other platform comes close to offering this number of free plugins to its users.

Security is so important for any website, and WordPress really is well aware of this. No business owner wants to find their site hacked or infected, which is why WordPress is equipped with numerous security features. What’s more, the WordPress core is frequently updated, as well as being automatically updated whenever new security patches are created.

Need we say more? WordPress really is the platform to use for your business. Currently, 34% of the worlds websites rely on the platform due to its ease of use, high security measures and numerous customisation options and plugins.